We're a match made in Heaven if..

✨ You value an experience with your photographer.
I am here to serve the heck out of you!
 I will do anything in my power to relieve the natural stress that comes with wedding days.
I'll bring you some coffee, ice water, chicken nuggets whatever makes life better for you.
you deserve to feel like royalty on your wedding day!
✨You want a photographer with a big / bubbly personality!
Rest assured there will not be a dull moment when you're working with me!
✨ You value storytelling images. images that set a mood and make you feel something! 
✨Details are important to you!
Details set my creative soul on fire & are honestly one of my favorite parts about photographing weddings! They just show so much personality and the heart that went into planning your big day. They're too special to leave out !!
 I seek out small fleeting moments that will leave lasting memories.
some examples of that would look like; the petals leaving your flower girl's hand, the lace on your dress, the way that your groom looks at you when your not watching, and all the other in-betweens.

"Savannah is truly talented! She has photographed mine and my now husbands whole relationship from spontaneous sunflower fields up to our wedding day. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m awkward at posing and she knows just how to pose people or to catch a goofing off moment and make magic happen. She makes you feel so comfortable behind the lens. She’ll do anything for the perfect shot climb trees get in a lake walk miles she’ll make sure your photos are absolutely unique and beautiful. " 

Client love :

- Mikayla

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