This is Possum <3

That pretty much sums me up. So, if you think that we would vibe and you resinate with my work, I would love to make some memories with you!🖤 
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Hello friend, call me Sav!

Random fun facts about me:

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In my free time you can find me:

In the Dunkin' drive thru getting an iced latte (even if its -2 outside lolz,) listening to live music with my handsome husband, singing Taylor Swift at the top of my lungs, stealing stars in Mario Party, bingeing Grace and Frankie, or snuggling my sweet pup!

✨ Queso is my blood type. You'll catch me dead before you catch me saying no to mexican food.

✨I am married to my
very best pal, the handsome guy in the pic to the below! He's incredibly supportive of me running this small business, I'm the most thankful <3

✨Snacks on the hour, all things blueberry, and good jams make my world go round

✨Jesus has saved me from myself too many times to
not raise up a hallelujah 

I love serving people AND creating frramable moments with my clients, it genuienly lights my soul on fire!!

✨ Game nights are my favorite, I am an absolute board game fanatic